Get to know the best of PPC advertising in Atlanta

Selling SEO Online to business owners

The best way to make yourself known as a company locally and globally on the internet is through good digital marketing. One of the most used is organic positioning using SEO strategies, but we invite you to know more, for which you must know the best of PPC advertising in Atlanta.


PPC advertising is one of the fastest and most effective methods to be able to appear at the top of the search results. Here it is also very important to offer keywords that can provide excellent results.

Get to know the best of PPC advertising in Atlanta

What is the PPC?

The acronym PPC, in English Pay Per Click, can be translated as Pay Per Click. This is a system of paid advertising online through the internet through a platform such as Facebook or Google.


It is an excellent system, so it is worth knowing the best of PPC advertising in Atlanta. Basically, it is to pay for an ad so that it works automatically.  But it is not so simple, you have to have an accumulation of knowledge for the result to be effective.

How does PPC work?

Although it is always advisable to look for an expert in this subject, but without a doubt, it is very important that every business owner becomes familiar with the effective methods for a good positioning on the internet. The idea is that you can be recognized and get new customers and therefore more sales.


All of us who browse the internet, can see many PPC ads within the different web pages, entertainment services, social media platforms, among others.

This system works as an advertising technique, so the cost of marketing is included in a previous budget, in which the money you pay when a user click is contemplated.


This is what is known as PPC or pay-per-click advertising. That is, it is an advertiser makes a payment so that your business is advertised within any digital platform such as web pages, social networks or search engines, in order to achieve a Return on Investment (ROI).


This type of marketing strategy has a system of measures or metrics, which can tell us if there are positive results or if it is necessary to optimize the strategy to achieve the objective. Among the most outstanding are:

Cost per click

To know the best of PPC advertising in Atlanta, it is important to handle this concept. It consists of the amount that will be canceled for each click that the user makes in the ad, which will depend on the budget you manage for this type of advertising.


This means that the amount that is established to activate this campaign will depend on several factors such as the available budget and the segmentation of the audience through the buyer persona.


Most platforms allow you to set the cost per click, either automatically by the platform in charge or manually in which you can choose the maximum amount you are willing to cancel for each click.


Experts recommend an optimal CPC because the ultimate goal is for the ROI to be as high as possible. But also, the budget is very important because the dispersion of ads is done through auctions and the amount of CPC is decided by bid.

Average click-through rate

This metric known as Click Through Rate (CTR), is one of the most important of this type of campaign with PPC.  It consists of measuring the rate of users who click on the ad, which, the higher it is, means that the campaign is working as it was proposed.


To calculate the CTR, you just have to divide the number of clicks through the ads, by the number of impressions and finally multiplied by 100. Experts say that for the strategy to be successful it must have the following characteristics:

  • They have achieved a CTR of 0.90% on Facebook.
  • They have obtained a CTR of 2% in Google AdWords Search Network campaigns.
  • They have achieved a CTR of 0.35% on the Google Ads Display Network.

Cost per acquisition (CPA)

The so-called Cost per Acquisition is an indispensable metric when implementing a PPC strategy. The CPA is the total cost that is invested in order for the user to become a customer through an effective purchase.


Knowing the best of PPC advertising in Atlanta, you have to know is that the ultimate goal of a PPC strategy is to get a greater number of conversions which is what will become the return on investment.


The fact that with an investment of 4 dollars you can get a sale of 500 dollars, evidence that with the PPC campaign you can effectively see a return on investment.

How to make a PPC campaign?

To launch a PPC campaign there are different platforms, including both search engines and social networks. The choice of these will depend on the characteristics of your target audience and the budget you have.


When doing outbound marketing and specifically PPC, it is necessary that we know that the most generalized platforms for this type of campaigns are Facebook and Google, although there are some others such as LinkedIn Ads or Twitter Ads, among some others.


If you want to know the best of PPC advertising in Atlanta, you could delve into each of them, but here we are going to focus on the first two.

Facebook Ads

It is one of the most used in PPC campaigns. This is because the algorithms of this platform are quite robust to be able to reach your target audience. Due to its simplicity of use it is widely recommended to get started in the world of PPC.

Google Ads

It is one of the most effective platforms in this area, so its use can make a big difference in terms of promoting a brand, product or service on the web. The different Google services are in themselves more attractive to place ads that generate a click.

This is because it is a platform designed for PPC, so they can be used a lot to optimize the budget of marketing campaigns.

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