We know that when a person is looking for a service, they usually go to the internet to get it. Do you have a shop, restaurant or are you a professional who works locally? Google My Business is the tool you need to make your business visible.

At i800 we offer you GMB services in Duluth Georgia, we manage your GMB profile in a professional way. With this, you will clearly show your customers what you do and the products you offer. Get with us a better positioning, reviews and reputation.

GMB Services in Duluth Georgia

Your business requires Google My Business

Does your business have a geographic location or do you provide a service in a specific area? So, Google My Business is ideal for you. By properly managing your profile in this directory, you will achieve a better positioning on the web.

To obtain ideal results you need to go to professionals specialized in local SEO. When you purchase GMB services in Duluth Georgia you will be one step away from having more customers and leads.


Because our experts know the criteria to create a file in which your information will be clearly displayed. In addition, we perform review management, interact with customers, obtain and interpret data relevant to your business. Some of them are number of customers, search channels, actions taken, etc.


Using Google My Business you get:

  • Optimize your local SEO to make yourself visible on Google maps and with different types of searches.
  • Appear among the first results for potential customers near your location or location.
  • You will be able to evaluate your audience, understanding their behaviors and needs.
  • You will offer relevant information that your prospects are looking for or need.
  • Reviews and opinions to gain authority in the market and know the aspects that you need to improve. This is how you will develop more affective marketing and sales strategies.
  • You will display your general information such as location, services, corporate image, etc. This allows you to reinforce the brand identity and voice.
  • Creation of content alluding to events or information of your company, using images and keywords.
  • Google Maps management.

Leave your GMB profile in the hands of i800 experts

We want to help you impact those potential customers by showing everything you can do for them. To this end, we create a file considering:

  • Name of your business.
  • Social media information.
  • Categorization of your company, with personalized services in each one.
  • Descriptions that show the value proposition, emphasizing the needs of your customers.
  • Content with news and updates.
  • Location on Google maps so they know your location accurately.

Wondering what you get with our GMB services in Duluth Georgia? Well, next, we’ll talk to you about those aspects.

You generate greater trust

When you have a profile on Google My Business, customers will feel like they can trust your business. In addition, many of the questions that could be asked are already answered in the file. For example, opening and closing times, link to your website and the exact location of the premises. 

Get authority and quality interactions

When you open a communication channel like GMB you get reviews, both positive and negative. These help you establish a dialogue with customers, helping them to clarify doubts or any situation that may arise.


Answering their questions increases your authority and credibility. Having a customer service strategy is something that Google takes into account when positioning yourself.

Relevant information

You can evaluate interactions using various metrics. You want to know the origin of your potential customers, for this, GMB offers you its statistics. With this, you will optimize your service and adapt to their needs. As a result, you’ll be able to hyper-personalize your marketing and sales strategies.


You also need to know the keywords that users use when searching for your services. Likewise, you can enter their profiles and expand your buyer persona with this information.

We connect you with your customers

With our GMB services in Duluth Georgia we connect you with the customers you want. Because when you own a location, using local SEO is essential.


If a user places, for example, “plumbing company near me,” your business might show up in their results. How does it work? Google uses IP and geolocation to display suggestions.


If you are on Google My Business your business could be on the list of the most outstanding.

  • The first thing we do is get to know you, to know what your objectives are and the needs of the business. Based on this, we create a personalized plan that will help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.
  • We design your profile from scratch or optimize the one you already have.
  • We link your file with corporate social networks, including WhatsApp and newsletter.
  • We manage reviews and interact with your current and potential customers.
  • We create a personalized list of services that includes a clear quote. This allows users to get an idea of the costs.
  • We show images of your business and the services you offer.
  • We consider the criteria used by Google’s algorithm such as relevance, distance and prominence.

Contact i800 GMB Services

Are you determined to get your business off the ground? At i800 we can help you achieve this. We work to make your company show what you can offer accurately. Plus, we show it to the right people.

Improve your local SEO, get a position on the first page of Google. Now, you can make yourself visible in the right way and stand out from the competition. With this, you will have more opportunities for reservations, sales and you will increase your customer list and its quality. Target those qualified leads, reduce the acquisition cost and don’t waste time.

Do you want to communicate with us? Do it through our phones, email or WhatsApp. Also, you can send us your doubts and concerns through the consultation form. Our team is available to help you increase sales and profitability.

Google My Business is the essential tool to find you online and offline. Show a specific audience everything you can do for them. What do you expect to achieve that zero position or Featured Snippets?

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