How to find a good SEO and Digital Marketing consultant?

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How to find a good SEO and digital marketing consultant; While it is true that SEO is very important for any company on the internet and that there is currently a lot of information about it everywhere, it is also true that it is a very long topic and that it can be a complicated process.


For people and entrepreneurs who want their web pages to be placed at the top of internet search engines, having a digital marketing and SEO consultant is a good alternative to start working on a Google positioning strategy.


To find a good SEO consultant, you need to know what your job is all about, the knowledge you need to have, and how you can help your clients.

How to find a good SEO and Digital Marketing consultant

What is an SEO and digital marketing consultant?

A digital marketing and SEO consultant is a professional who knows techniques and strategies to position any web page in the first places of all search engines on the internet.


With SEO, you can achieve the visibility of a site on the Internet, increasing its traffic and increasing its visits, transforming them into sales and fixed customers for the company.


Although this task seems simple, the job of this consultant is to combine his analytical, technical knowledge and his skills to find opportunities and turn them into great opportunities.


People can read about SEO and put some of its strategies into practice, but an expert in it can bring their valuable experience into it, making a big difference between a novice person and an expert.

What knowledge should an SEO consultant have?

The digital marketing and SEO consultant must have extensive knowledge of SEO Onsite and SEO Offsite, to improve all the elements of them and that the website begins to gain visibility on the internet.


This encompasses tasks such as keyword search, copywriting, competitor research, mobile apps, SEM, domains, and servers, among others.


This consultant must also know how to manage their projects effectively, to make an adequate advice to their clients, so that they can see a change in their businesses, especially in the areas that are more complicated.


But the most regular knowledge that digital marketing and SEO consultants should have are the following:

How search engines work

To improve the positioning of a web page in Google or other search engines, an SEO and digital marketing consultant must know how these engines work, since he must work with them daily.

Web programming

This is not about programming web pages, but about having knowledge of this area, because web programming is a fundamental part of SEO, because you work with web pages to optimize their performance, improving their architecture, installing elements in the code of the page, among other activities.

Market movement

You cannot improve aspects of a website, without knowing which market they will be directed to, because knowing the target audience of the company, you can make those changes to meet the needs of users, providing solutions to their requirements.

Specialized knowledge of all areas that make up SEO

A marketing consultant who has general knowledge of SEO, will not be able to configure a website that competes with others on the internet, so this professional must know and master all the strategies, resources and tools that there are, to provide solutions to their clients.

Tasks that an SEO and digital marketing consultant must perform

The knowledge that was explained above, will allow the digital marketing and SEO consultant to perform the following tasks:

Keyword research

This is one of the bases in any digital marketing and SEO campaign, a consultant must establish the right keywords for each client, to improve their positioning on the internet.

Optimization of web pages

The analysis of the structure of a web page is essential for SEO, because it must be organized, with an efficient internal linking, with content based on the right keywords and other relevant elements.

Web content

Without good content that attracts users, a web page can lose visits, decreasing traffic on it, the marketing consultant must work with the copywriters to optimize the content, to adopt the keywords in it, as well as organize the structure of it.

Link building Strategy

Links can make a web page reinforce its authority on the internet, making Google take into account the site, improving its visibility.


The consultant must make an analysis of which are the appropriate web pages to find links, as the link should be done, ensure that they are always natural to avoid links that may damage the work done.

Website monitoring

There are many tools and platforms, with which the marketing consultant can monitor the strategies that I apply on a web page, so you can see the evolution of your work and correct the elements that are not working.

Web analysis for measuring the success of an SEO campaign

Web analytics is one of the areas that the SEO consultant must master, because with it he can measure all the factors that make up a web page, such as visits, the time users stay on a page, conversion rate, bounce rate, among other factors.

Permanent study of novelties in the web world

In the web world changes happen every day and these updates must be followed by the SEO consultant, to improve their techniques and strategies, in order to apply them in their work, to update their clients and their web pages.

Advice to your clients

All the steps, actions and decisions that the consultant takes, must be communicated to the client, keeping him in knowledge of results obtained and strategies applied, having a solid communication with his clients, which is vital to achieve the objectives set and establish a harmonious working relationship at work.

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