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Google My Business helps small businesses across the country find their customers online through Search and Maps

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Google My Business Support (GMB) was created to make it easier to find your business online, and it has helped businesses gain more visibility in Google Search results since its launch in 2011. There are a number of benefits to creating and managing your business profile on GMB, so don’t delay in BUYING this online product for GMB, and let’s get you started! 

Businesses have long been the backbone of the American economy, and in the 21st century that remains true. Google recognizes this, which is why they created Google My Business, which helps small businesses across the country find their customers online through Search and Maps products, both owned by Google. Since small businesses make up most of the companies in America, it’s important that as many as possible are reachable on Search and Maps products so customers can find them when they need them.

Today, more and more consumers are turning to their phones to find the businesses they need. The Google My Business platform helps you keep your business in front of customers by giving them easy access to information about your business on Google Search and Maps.

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4 reviews for Google My Business

  1. William B. Borders

    You know that Google My Business is a good service but it can be hard to get started and keep your profile up to date. i800services has been an amazing partner for us in this. They handle what we need for this service and make it easy to stay on top of things. With their help, we have seen a huge improvement in customer reviews and call volume.

  2. Wesley Weston

    Over the past few years, I have been an active user of Google My Business and have had i800services as my local business directory service. During my time using the service, I have been impressed with their ability to provide me with information about my customers’ local businesses. It is the information that they provide that has made me a fan of i800services.

  3. Charles Book

    The i800services website is easy to navigate and provides me with the information that I need for my local business, without being too overwhelming. Their customer service is exceptional and they always respond to my requests quickly.

  4. Ashley Frazier

    I am the owner of a small business. I cannot afford to pay for a service like Google My Business because I’m not making enough money to warrant the cost. I have tried to learn how to do it myself and it is not simple. So I’m looking for a service that will do it for me. I found and I’m happy with the program. It is very easy to use and the quality of the service is great. I highly recommend it.

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