How to choose a professional digital marketing and SEO consultant for my business?

Selling SEO Online to business owners

A professional SEO and digital marketing consultant is very important for businesses that want to increase their visibility on the internet, reaching the top places in the most popular search engines.


This professional can advise companies and individuals that have web pages, to draw a successful advertising campaign, around SEO, so that that website can be seen by many people in the world.


But choosing the best consultant can be difficult, so you must be clear about what knowledge and tools you should have, to make the best possible selection.

professional digital marketing and SEO consultant for my business

Why is it important to choose a good marketing and SEO consultant?

The presence and visibility of a company on the internet is everything, without that, it will not be able to be known and will not attract customers to visit your page and buy your products.


Therefore, a good digital marketing and SEO campaign is essential to be seen on the internet. That’s why choosing the right professional SEO and digital marketing consultant is important for the following reasons:

  • It is a good investment in the long term, because by placing itself in the first places of the search engines, it will mean more visits and consequently, more completed sales.
  • The company’s website can be improved, since with an SEO strategy, the company will be able to improve the quality of it and improve the experience of the users who visit it.
  • It increases the authority and visibility of the brand, because the first results of the searches are the ones that receive the most traffic and this means more opportunities to reach the target market of the business.
  • Monetize a web page, because it is useless to have an efficient website, if no one finds it.
  • Build an image of credibility by being in the top positions, this provides confidence to the brand.
  • Boost profiles on social networks, because users will want to know them after seeing the website.

What should you know before hiring a professional marketing and SEO consultant?

Before choosing and hiring a professional digital marketing and SEO consultant, the client should know the professional and ask him the following:

  • Ask about internal links, what types of strategies they know to use them and if they have allies to link content. Consultants should not be trusted to mention link farms, because these should be organic.
  • Find out if you handle all the types of SEO that exist (SEO On Page, SEO Off Page and local SEO).
  • Know if you know and manage the tools that create the monitoring reports of a marketing campaign and how to interpret them.
  • If you know how to make a prior analysis of the situation on the internet of your customers.
  • Find out what other clients the professional has worked with and what was their experience when working with the consultant.
  • Make sure you do not use black hat SEO tools, which can put a company’s website at risk.
  • Do not rely on consultants to deliver quick results, as positioning depends on Google’s algorithm and other elements.

All this is very useful for the search for an SEO and marketing consultant, but the client also knows what he is looking for and what he will ask the professional:

  • The client should know what kind of SEO they want, taking into account what they want for their company.
  • The client must know the objectives he wants to achieve through the marketing campaign, it can be on his own or in conjunction with the consultant.
  • Looking for a consultant near your locality, in case you do not find the right one within your city, you can look for one who remotely serves your clients.

What should be the profile of a digital marketing and SEO consultant?

A professional digital marketing and SEO consultant must have a profile that matches the characteristics that this professional must have, with the following competencies:

  • A lot of creativity.
  • Have great analytical capacity.
  • Be curious and always want to learn.
  • Be a self-taught and self-sufficient person, because this profession is learned on its own.
  • Have empathy towards their clients, to understand their requirements, interests and concerns.
  • It must be organized and methodical.
  • You need to know how to communicate clearly, so your customers can easily understand you.

What does the price of a professional marketing and SEO consultant’s service depend on?

The budget of a professional digital marketing and SEO consultant depends on different factors, which must be taken into account before signing the contract with it.


The number of hours that will be dedicated to the project must be stipulated, so that the client can have a clearer vision of the investment he will make.


The profitability that can be achieved with the website is another important aspect, since the client must consider the return on their investment, the consultant can make this calculation to know how the profitability of the company is.


Other factors that must be taken into account when making a budget are the following:

  • Number of web pages owned by a company.
  • The audience it encompasses and the competition it has.
  • Whether it is a national or international website.
  • The type of page, whether it is corporate or an online store.
  • The technology used by the website.
  • The type of content to be used on the website.

How to do a search to choose a marketing and SEO consultant?

Currently, many people claim to be a professional digital marketing and SEO consultant, but really, there are not many true professionals in the area that exist, so before hiring a consultant, you should do research as follows:

  • Research on the internet the experiences and opinions that other companies have about the consultant in question.
  • Search for companies that have worked with the consultant and check their position in search engines.
  • Read the consultant’s website, to observe how it is organized and how the user experience is.
  • Investigate whether the consultant has the Google Partners certificate, as this builds more credibility and trust.

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